IUG Gaza Collaboration

Across the three universities, several Water-WISER and aligned PhD students formed a working group focused on discussing and dismantling the inequalities that exist between global north and south WASH researchers. One objective of the group was to connect with other early career WASH researchers from universities in the global south to expand the conversation and collaborate with and support each other. Mariam Zaqout is a Palestinian researcher in the final year of her PhD at Leeds and a CDT-aligned student. She initiated a meeting between the Islamic University of Gaza (where she received her undergraduate degree) wherein students across all four universities were able to introduce themselves and their research topics to one another. Since then, students have set up a LinkedIn working group wherein students are able to upload their profiles so as to see crossovers between research interests, methods, regions of study etc. In this way, students can take it upon themselves to have conversations on common interests, share materials, offer skill sharing sessions or even collaborate on work together.

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