Water-WISER CDT Research

Water WISER research will address the challenge of providing resilient, effective water, sanitation and waste management/reuse services in the cities of the future.  It will provide new insights to help deliver the more than $50 billion annual investment which is needed to secure the future of an additional 2.5 billion people who will become urban between now and 2050, primarily in Africa and Asia.

Water-WISER research will focus on developing new approaches (technologies, financial tools, institutional arrangements and responsive planning) and embedding ideas into action on the ground in rapidly growing cities in emerging economies.  There are significant opportunities to innovate, free from the physical constraints of investment decisions made decades earlier (that exist, for example, in parts of the UK).

Individual research projects are developed by Water-WISER researchers during the first year in partnership with academic supervisors and industry partners to ensure that research is relevant, impactful and achievable.  Examples of some of the areas of work that are covered are given below.

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