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Water-WISER students and staff at Cranfield Sept 2021


Studentships consist of a 4-year stipend paid monthly (at EPSRC standard rates, rising each year: e.g. for the academic year 2021/2022 the stipend is £15,609 tax-free). All fees are paid. A maximum sum of £20,000 over 4 years is available for fieldwork and laboratory costs; this could increase if a sector partner is involved in co-funding the project.

International students are eligible for a full scholarship (stipend and fees paid, plus fieldwork costs) though a maximum of 3 places are available per year. Please note that the deadline for international applications for entry in September 2022 has passed, so unfortunately no further international applications can be accepted. UK applicants may still apply.

You may find the resources below useful:

Apply online

For more information or to apply online, please click here.

Applications open for September 2022 entry (UK applicants only).

PhD Projects

In addition to applying to the CDT programme, we have three PhD projects which we will recruit to this year. Please click on the titles to view each project.

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